Monday, March 14, 2016

Japan - Niseko, Day 4

There was a bit of a hole in our Japan story, with this post coming a long time after it happened for reasons that will become obvious.

More skiing, more amazing food, and more Onsen. Today Andrew was out for a lot of the day for a skiing lesson. He learned some good techniques and did some pretty scary stuff up high on the mountain. He scoped out some of the runs and got some advice from the instructor so that we can figure out what fun stuff we can do on the last day.

After morning skiing at the family run, afternoon skiing at Boyo, Amy and I went back to the apartment for a bit while the boys went on. We thought they were heading up to go down the beginners mountain slope (the bit I almost died on), but the visibility was so low that a few of the lifts were closed so they did some forrest runs on the family run instead. The forrest part of the family run is actually amazing and pretty hard too, so it's cool that you have a bit of both worlds in the same place.

That night we headed back to the family run for some night skiing. I only did 4 runs because I wanted to get as much Onsen time in as possible. Amy and Kyle stayed out skiing while Andrew and I did Onsen, and they had an amazing time! I think the best part was when they did the forrest run together, with Amy following behind Kyle, and when she turned back to exit the forrest bit she found Kyle ON ONE KNEE waiting for her!!! (well… two knees, and then he face planted because kneeling on a ski slope is very hard). He proposed on the family run at around 8pm Niseko time on March 13th, which is apt because this was 13 years in the making. It was so actually romantic (not fake or movie romantic) and I cannot be more happy for the two little cherry blossoms!

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