Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pavlich Pies, Colourful Cupcakes and Supa Golf

Some pies I made for Pavlich's 300th game:

Some colourful cupcakes for a fundraiser at work. It's the second time I've tried the multi-coloured icing technique, and I think it definitely looks better with stronger more contrasting colours (like red, yellow and blue), but I did like the effect of using little blobs with a star piping attachment on the bigger cupcakes:

Today we went to Supa Golf in the Swan Valley, it was really fun despite being bloody cold! It's also a lot harder than it looks. We also tried the award winning Mash copycat IPA which was really nice. It was meant to have stone fruit flavours, which I couldn't taste or smell, except for a peachy taste when I burped. I reckon that should definitely be a tasting note for beer, something like "hoppy on the nose, and peachy on the burp".