Saturday, February 21, 2015

Goodbye Pole Fever

Pole Fever has been my second job since 2011 and my second home since 2009, and when it's doors closed (accompanied by an eviction notice) for good last Wednesday 18th Feb 2015 it was very sad moment. Today I finally removed the keys to the doors from my keychain.

I will really miss that space. I have so many great memories of learning pole from the best instructor and my friend Tammy, putting together group routines with the funniest group of girls, hosting hens nights, and getting fit together with all of our clients.

Pole is something that I don't tell everyone about, especially at my day job. Although people know about pole as a sport now more than ever it's still something I'm hesitant to bring up just in case people think I'm a stripper (I've been asked!). But looking back at the performances we've done, we've all come such a long way together it's impossible not to be proud.

WAPPS 2010 Solo - Muscles, Icecream

WAPPS 2011 Solo - Phoenix, Listomania

WAPPS 2011 Group Performance  - Tammy, Esme, Belle, Krystal and Jess

WAPPS 2013 Solo - SBTRKT, Wildfire

WAPPS 2013 Group Performance - Tammy, Linh, Georgia, Krystal and Jess

2014 Christmas Showcase - Tammy and Jess Doubles - Pendulum, Propane Nightmares

There's a lot of things about Pole Fever that I will miss, but there's also a lot of things I won't (all the other instructors will know what I'm talking about!). I'm looking forward to moving on to other things, like my first Adult Circus class this Sunday with Kinetica. But of course pole will always be a big part of my life.

Good bye Pole Fever! Bowing out.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fringe World 2015 - La Soiree

Hands down, best Fringe world show I've ever seen. Probably the best show full stop I've ever seen. I had high expectations based on reviews, and it was way way so way much better. My hands are tingling from clapping, my jaw hurts from smiling, and my voice is on the way out! Please honestly just go see it. They've extended their stay 2 weeks past the end of Fringe, but I think they will sell out very quickly. Go.

The first act was a puppet, which was beautiful and so well done, but it made me think there might be some fillers. The second act was the best hand balancing I've ever seen, something I thought couldn't be topped! Two guys dressed in pinstripe suits, doing one handed handstands on each other's heads before stripping off to British flag undies and wowing us some more (they're the guys on the La Soiree poster).

There was a rope act by a beautiful and flexible tank of a blonde, some glamourous hull a hoop and skipping, a bath tub double-rope act that was a fantastic add for the jeans that guy was wearing, a (full frontal!) naked magic act (where on earth did she hide that red hanky?), a super cute contortion guy that squeezed through tennis rackets and kept throwing confetti everywhere, an everyone-speaks-spanish guitar act, a sexy diablo and sexy book reading act (Seans favourite), a crazy ball juggling act where a couple juggled these little white balls with their mouths, the best doubles trapeze I've ever seen, and a pole dancer who just put us to so much shame with his skills (my new pole goal is to be a man).

At some points I was feeling silly at how excited I was but every time I looked over Krystal was smiling just as wide as I was, with hands up ready for the clap. Andrew had gotten his hopes up for Fringe before, but this time the show did not even slightly disappoint! This was the last Fringe show we have booked and I'm so glad we finished on that high.

This has inspired me to join the circus, booking Kinetica Adult Circus tomorrow!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Fringe World 2015 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Last night we saw A Midsummer Night's Dream by the consistently awesome Kinetica.

There was silks, pole, trapeze, a rotating Lyra, tumbling, and some unique apparatus all used to tell the story of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Having not read the play I was thoroughly confused by what was actually going on. At the time I felt that the story part detracted from the circus part, but after reading up about it it made a lot more sense (especially the part with the ass). I think I would have enjoyed the story part of the performance a lot more if I had made the effort to read up about it before hand.

The circus side of the performance did not disappoint. My favourite part was the rotating Lyra, which was like a Lyra suspended from two ropes by joints so that it could spin to be horizontal as well vertical. It looked like so much fun, and the girls made it look really easy.

The trapeze part was in another league, that guy is amazing. Each fringe show we've been to he's been the star in my opinion. He always seems to do his routines to dubstep to which he choreographs really exciting routines. Love it!

When we walked in there were 3 stage poles set up and I got a bit excited, but to be honest I was a little bit disappointed by how short the pole part was. Maybe it's because I'm used to seeing elaborate pole shows, or maybe because I was hoping to see some of the guys get on them, but I thought the poles had more potential than what was used. This is only a small complaint though; in a show with so many routines no one apparatus can take the focus for too long.

At 10:45pm on a Sunday night it was quite a difficult show to get to, but the tent was still packed out. I love that people will not let a silly thing like work get in the way of seeing a late night circus show!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fringe World 2015 - Elixir

Fringe World yay!

I love the Fringe Festival so much. This year the first show we went to see was Elixir at the Pleasure Garden:

Three acrobatic and enthusiastic scientists attempt to create the elixir of life. Working for the overbearing pharmaceutical company ElixirCorp, where health and safety is meaningless and employees are subject to testing their own concoctions.

What a great way to start of Fringe!

The group of 3 guys from Head First Acrobats (Victoria) were awesome in their premiere show in Perth. It was very clever; each time the guys were issued with a new formula of anti-zombie elixir to drink they would get super powers and pull out a new apparatus to go nuts with (but don't do drugs kids). There was hand balancing (including on a trapeze!), tumbling, seasaw, and my favourite, the big metal hoop thing.

I love watching people to press ups into handstands given my own failing experiences with how bloody hard it us. I can't believe how easy they make it look, even when it's on someones head.

The trapeze setup looked really fun. The guys were doing headstands on it while it was swinging, and hanging off each other too.

Go see it!

Then go to Billy Lee's afterwards for some spoof balls.