Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fringe World 2015 - La Soiree

Hands down, best Fringe world show I've ever seen. Probably the best show full stop I've ever seen. I had high expectations based on reviews, and it was way way so way much better. My hands are tingling from clapping, my jaw hurts from smiling, and my voice is on the way out! Please honestly just go see it. They've extended their stay 2 weeks past the end of Fringe, but I think they will sell out very quickly. Go.

The first act was a puppet, which was beautiful and so well done, but it made me think there might be some fillers. The second act was the best hand balancing I've ever seen, something I thought couldn't be topped! Two guys dressed in pinstripe suits, doing one handed handstands on each other's heads before stripping off to British flag undies and wowing us some more (they're the guys on the La Soiree poster).

There was a rope act by a beautiful and flexible tank of a blonde, some glamourous hull a hoop and skipping, a bath tub double-rope act that was a fantastic add for the jeans that guy was wearing, a (full frontal!) naked magic act (where on earth did she hide that red hanky?), a super cute contortion guy that squeezed through tennis rackets and kept throwing confetti everywhere, an everyone-speaks-spanish guitar act, a sexy diablo and sexy book reading act (Seans favourite), a crazy ball juggling act where a couple juggled these little white balls with their mouths, the best doubles trapeze I've ever seen, and a pole dancer who just put us to so much shame with his skills (my new pole goal is to be a man).

At some points I was feeling silly at how excited I was but every time I looked over Krystal was smiling just as wide as I was, with hands up ready for the clap. Andrew had gotten his hopes up for Fringe before, but this time the show did not even slightly disappoint! This was the last Fringe show we have booked and I'm so glad we finished on that high.

This has inspired me to join the circus, booking Kinetica Adult Circus tomorrow!

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