Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fringe World 2015 - Elixir

Fringe World yay!

I love the Fringe Festival so much. This year the first show we went to see was Elixir at the Pleasure Garden:

Three acrobatic and enthusiastic scientists attempt to create the elixir of life. Working for the overbearing pharmaceutical company ElixirCorp, where health and safety is meaningless and employees are subject to testing their own concoctions.

What a great way to start of Fringe!

The group of 3 guys from Head First Acrobats (Victoria) were awesome in their premiere show in Perth. It was very clever; each time the guys were issued with a new formula of anti-zombie elixir to drink they would get super powers and pull out a new apparatus to go nuts with (but don't do drugs kids). There was hand balancing (including on a trapeze!), tumbling, seasaw, and my favourite, the big metal hoop thing.

I love watching people to press ups into handstands given my own failing experiences with how bloody hard it us. I can't believe how easy they make it look, even when it's on someones head.

The trapeze setup looked really fun. The guys were doing headstands on it while it was swinging, and hanging off each other too.

Go see it!

Then go to Billy Lee's afterwards for some spoof balls.

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