Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phoenix at Good Vibrations

The Good Vibrations festival hit Perth last Sunday, with an all round mediocre lineup apart from the almighty Phoenix. We decided to go even though they were really the only act we were keen to see, and I'm so glad we did! If you ever get a chance to see Phoenix, my god take it. I've seen them twice now, and they're my absolute favourite live act to see.

Dancing at Good VibesThe set list was very similar to their performance last year at Belvoir, with lots of focus on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and a couple thrown in from older albums. The crowd was really great, and you could tell everyone was a fellow Phoenix fanatic since they sung along to all the songs, not only the new ones. My highlights were 1901 and Too Young, and Armistice due to the fact that this is the song Thomas decided to do his famous jump into the crowd thing.

I didn't get to touch him on his first run into the crowd, but he decided to actually crowd surf this time and... I HELD HIS HAND as he surfed on past! He even looked at me and smiled! Even Matt got all giggly because he got to touch Thomas' arm. No one can resist Thomas' charms, sigh.

Thomas Mars

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That Some Crazy Runner's Logic

I just bought an awesome set of PJ's from a site that sells this label:

I decided to look at the label's about page and was surprised and confused:

How is this a logical career progression Stevie?!?

Matt's take - "Hi, I am Daniel Milland and professional writing is not something I did. As my great grandfather Bill had a moustache, my pants fit well."

Stevie, you make a mean set of PJ's, but you're messin with my mind man.