Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ok so it's a bit late, but I'm sure everyone's Christmas and new years was just as busy as ours :|

Our New Improved BedroomHouse Stuff
We got a bit done over the holidays, including leveling the front yard, getting a new kitchen sink, a new fence, a whole lot of gardening, a dining room table, and painting the 4 bedrooms in our house. Painting really made a fantastic difference, especially in our study (which was previously a sickly purple colour) and the master bedroom, which had a poo green feature wall.

The dining table was also a great next step to making our house look more like a home. Because it's so gigantic (2.4m x 1.2m) it fills up our equally as gigantic dining room. We were a bit conflicted originally about the woven chairs, but they really grow on you and they're actually extremely comfortable! We also did a bit of work on completing our little lounge room area which is now a really cosy place where we hang out quite often.

Our House looking more like a Home
Summadayze 09
This year Matt and I went to Summadayze to see Underworld! It was really amazing to see them live and the performance was just breathtaking. We were smack bang in the front/middle of the stage which meant that we had primo view of Karl's bizarro dancing. Of course it also meant that we got pretty trampled, and being as short as I am is not fun in the front row of the final performance of a 36 degree day. 

Today was my first day as a grown up! I have officially started full time work at L-3 Nautronix and I'm really looking forward to getting into it. The software tasks I've got lined up look pretty interesting, which makes up for the 6.30am wake up :( 

So happy new year to everyone, and have a happy and safe 2009 :)