Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is it about my car that screams "Please Hit Me"

I'm currently in the middle of sorting out some damage done to my car in the uni parking lot last Thursday. I was in the car at the time when this guy swiped the front of my car while he was reversing into a parking bay. I went to the panel beater this morning, and he'll have a formal quote written up for me tomorrow, but he estimates around the $1000 mark. It's funny how much a couple of scratches and a dent can cost.

More details later when it's sorted out grrrrrr.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Faculty Politics

It's my second day of uni, and I'm currently sitting in the library in hour 3 of my 4 hour break until my next lecture. My timetable will fill out when labs and tutes start, but for the time being I have lots of long waits :(

Because my degree spans over the faculties of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, I've been part of three very different environments since the start of uni. I've never quite been able to figure out what makes engineers so different from mathematicians and computer scientists, but I think I've finally put my finger on it.

I figured it out when I didn't understand something in my Electromagnetic Theory lecture. We were doing a supposedly simple example (according to the lecturer, not the students), and I was lost quite early on. After the lecture, all the people around me had the same problems as I did, and so we had a chat and figured it out to some degree, during which there were several exclamations of "oh my god this unit is going to kill us".

So I was thinking about how that would have gone about in a maths lecture. Well first of all no one would readily admit to not understanding, and during impossible parts of the lecture people would put on a "hrmmmm I seeeee" face as opposed to an "oh my god hahah what the hell is that" face. In a computer science lecture the discussion would have probably not have happened at all since comp sci students would have either been too asleep to notice the lecture at all, and regardless, seem to have pride about not understanding things for some reason.

I guess engineering is where I've made the most friends because of this, since we work through the crazy together rather than pretending we understand, and rather than not caring at all.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Chicken Laid an Egg!

Did I Do That?Maybe I should mention that we have a new addition to the family - a little orange chicken. She's called Cocolina, after the rooster we used to have called Coco, which is short for cocos, meaning rooster in Romanian.

My grandma originally came home with three chickens, two of which are now soup, and the third is (after a lot of campaigning on the rest of the family's behalf) now our pet. She was in a really mangled state when we got her, but since then she's grown feathers in all the patches where there were none, and she generally looks much healthier. She laid one egg the day we got her, but it's been over a month since then and she completely stopped.

I was outside talking to my mum today when Cocolina started making lots of strange noises that I can only describe as a sounding like a chicken growling angrily. I checked to see whether she had laid an egg, but there was nothing there. It got to the point where me and my mum could barely hear each other over the angry growls, when we checked for a second time and there it was - an brand new egg! Good work Cocolina, we are so proud :)
Cocolina and her Egg

Monday, July 16, 2007

Congratulations Matt!

Just got back from a celebratory dinner (my shout for Matt) for Matt getting the house! His original offer wasn't accepted, but they accepted the second offer, so now he's handling all the fun stuff like getting a broker, a settlement agent, inspections, and whatever other magic you need to do before they'll give you a house.

Not sure what the plan is yet with regard to moving in (it might be leased for a while), but it's a real gem, and I can't wait to make it home :)

Pet Shop Update

It's the last week of uni holidays and, as always, it's gone way too fast. I've been working a lot slower on my game than I planned to, so with uni starting, it looks like it's gonna take me a lot longer than I thought.

I've just finished writing the prototype which was a fully playable version without some of the extra features I'm going to add in later. I got to the point where I wanted to add the possibility of doubling up on items, so for example, you could drag a fish onto another fish, and a little 2 would appear below it. Then, if you complete a pen with ALL the fish attributes doubled up, you'd get double the points. I hacked it in, and it semi worked, but it was a LOT tricker than it should have been since the code has got so convoluted that even the simplest changes are a struggle.

Now that I've proved that it's do-able and play-able, it's time to stop and start from scratch. By making decisions in the prototype I've got a really good idea about how to do it properly now. I'm keeping some of the classes that I wrote really well, (I'm happy with the simpler stuff like my Scoring and ImageLibrary classes, so I'm just in the middle of writing test harnesses for those), and completely ripping apart others.

So that's what's happening with Pet Shop in case anyone was wondering if I'd completely given up on it :)

In other news... Matt's in the middle of fighting for a house in Ballajura. It's pretty much the best house we've seen so far, in a perfect little cul de sac. Fingers crossed!

Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm a (second) aunty!

My cousin Simona just gave birth to her baby boy!
*** Congratulations Sim and Chad! ***
We can't wait to meet him when they come over in late August :)

Results are Out

Today's the day everyone finds out if they're gonna be doing their units for a second (or third?) time. Hope everyone passed and is happy with their results! Here's mine:
  • 100 Artificial Intelligence & Logic Programming
  • 77 Embedded Systems
  • 90 Circuits & Electronic Systems 3
  • 91 Communication Systems
Overall I'm smiling, just annoyed about embedded systems. I'm not complaining, but it was a second year unit, open book exam, and its still my lowest grrrr.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Well it's cheap ass Tuesday, and I've just came back from seeing the Transformers movie!

Me, Matt and some friends from uni arrived at Innaloo for the 6.30 screening only to find that it had been sold out, so we decided to buy tickets for the 8.00 screening. All of us there had our tickets, but Ro jumped back in line to get Lara's ticket since she was running late. As he was in the line (this is at about 6.50 by the way) the board started flashing:
Transformers: 6:30 (FULL) 8.00 (FEW)
But all was well - Ro managed to get one of the last tickets for Lara, and we had dinner at Fasta Pasta (mmm classy) while we waited for the movie.

I really enjoyed it! It was really fun seeing Matt turn into a little kid again every time something Transformery happened. The movie was really cute and I thought there was a nice balance between the fun and the serious. Although, as expected of any movie with a technological base, it was extremely cringe worthy. We all laughed out loud when the blonde girl (who was meant to be a signal expert? hahah in everyone's dreams) mentioned Fourier transforms :)

One thing that sort of annoyed me was the weight. This is strange to describe, but things look real only if they move as if they have the right weight. I think a lot of the times it looked like the transformers were moving way too nimbly for how big they were so that made it look strange, and also made it really hard to tell what was going on. I think the perfect example of what I mean about getting the weight right is in Asuka's final fight in End of Evangelion.

Definitely worth seeing, I'm glad we FINALLY did!