Monday, July 9, 2007

Results are Out

Today's the day everyone finds out if they're gonna be doing their units for a second (or third?) time. Hope everyone passed and is happy with their results! Here's mine:
  • 100 Artificial Intelligence & Logic Programming
  • 77 Embedded Systems
  • 90 Circuits & Electronic Systems 3
  • 91 Communication Systems
Overall I'm smiling, just annoyed about embedded systems. I'm not complaining, but it was a second year unit, open book exam, and its still my lowest grrrr.


Rick said...
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Rick said...

How do you get 100? I would have thought it would be impossible! Noone at Curtin ever got 100, Im sure.

Either way, congrats!

Jess Manea said...

The magic of scaling :) Well I was on 40/40 before the exam, and I only got one thing wrong in the exam, so the lecturer said he'd push for my 100 (they usually don't get to scale it up to that), so looks like they let him! That's what you get for making AI a comp sci unit (it really really should be a maths unit)

mabedan said...

wow! great results jess!
in our uni it's almost impossible to have 100 or 90... i think nobody never had 100 in the history of france :D

great job

Jess Manea said...

Thanks mabedan! My cousin's boyfriend Stefan is over from Switzerland at the moment, and he was describing how tough uni life in Europe is :( I guess it also helps that in Perth we can go relax on the beach between studying for exams :)