Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Long Weekend!

This year Easter was not during the mid semester uni break, so we all got a 4 day long weekend... AHHH :) Although it went to fast, like all holidays, and it was back to work today, and uni again tomorrow grrrr

I'm still recovering from the continuous stream of food over the weekend, and we now have more chocolate than we've ever had in our house.

Matt has an EggWe also have lots of boiled eggs now - we have a tradition where we colour boiled eggs, usually red, and it's sort of a game where you try and break other people's eggs with your egg (don't ask...), so that'll be lunch for a few days yet!

Our New BookcaseMatt and I thought that Saturday would be a nice relaxing day to go IKEA shopping, since of course, no one was likely to go shopping during the Easter break (no sarcasm, we really did think that). But the monstrous new Innaloo was packed as always, making it extra fun to weave through the IKEA maze. We picked up a lovely Expedit bookcase, which we've been wanting for a long time now yay!

In other news... nothing much has been happening other than working hard on my final year project, and being back at uni. The new house is going well, and our new washing machine means that we are now fully independent!

Keep an eye on Matt's website for some upcoming developments! I'm helping Matt work on a fun project that I can't wait to see take off :)

So hope everyone had a happy Easter with minimal chocolate/food overload!
Cocolina has an Egg (but it's not quite right)