Sunday, October 20, 2013

Telethon 2013

For the 3rd year in a row Pole Fever has been involved with supporting Telethon. We take the graveyard shift on the Saturday night in the phone rooms, which makes for an extremely long day since we all work early Saturday mornings at the studio! Nothing that coffee, red bulls and a whole lot of lollies can't fix though.

Phone Room Pass

Since I don't really watch TV a lot of the celebrity stuff goes over my head (last year I thought we'd met the lake boys, but apparently they're called the River Boys) but it's still always really fun, especially when people are interested in having a go on the Pole. This year Larry Emdur (from what my grandma likes to call The Pretz is Right) had a go at flag and kind of got it but mostly not.

Larry's First Flag

I managed to get home at the reasonable hour of 2am (usually it's been a lot later) and after a sleep in till 12:30pm I'm wondering where the weekend went! I really hope they hit their target this year, Telethon is such a worthy cause!