Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rabbit on the Brain

On my recent visit to Melbourne (for Matt's talk at One More Thing) among one of the many things I bought was a cute little cardigan from Friends of Couture.

My New Cardi

I liked it immediately, and I'm not even sure why; blue doesn't even suit me, particularly now with the red hue in my hair!

Either way, my stupid brain liked it, and I usually give in to my brain's stupid whims (especially when it comes to shopping). I was picking off George hairs from my cardi when suddenly I noticed that the carpet-like pattern has little rabbits all over it! Touche brain, touche.

What's that in the details?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Miracle Berry Fruit Tasting 25th Birthday Bonanza

A little while back now (but I've been a bit busy lately) I had a miracle berry fruit tasting party for my 25th birthday. What's a miracle berry you ask? Well it's a berry that when eaten, changes the perceived sweetness of food, or in other words, makes sour stuff taste sweet!

I ordered the berries from Think Geek. Each packet contained 10 lolly-type pills made from powdered/freeze dried miracle berry fruit. We each had half a pill, and then had some fun tasting an assortment of random things!


My mum and I spent ages making fruit skewers with grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, apple, pineapple and strawberry. They looked really cute! I also bought vinegar, raspberries, pomegranate, salt n vinegar chips, and tomatoes.

I was really worried at first that there would be no effect - how embarrassing! But luckily, it really worked, although the effect was not quite as intense as I thought. It was a very strange experience, and I think it was different for everyone. Everyone had different favourite foods, and thought certain things changed more than others. Personally, my favourite thing was the lime. I found that strawberry and pineapple didn't change very much, and pink grapefruit (usually my favourite thing in the world) tasted really awful.

Lemon Smiles

Some things that I thought might be good were actually quite gross. Vinegar tasted like lemonade for a split second, then it tasted like vinegar again and burnt your throat. I had read that Guinness beer tasted like chocolate, but I found that there was no change. Pickles grossed everyone out, and Philadelphia cheese seemed to be either a hit or miss, with some people swearing it tasted like cheesecake.

I had heaps of fun, and would definitely recommend this as a fun party idea. Some hints from my experience:
  • When you're sending out an invite, send some links to wikipedia or other info sites for your guests to have a read of. When I first wrote the invite I realised that without this, it looked like I was inviting everyone over for an acid trip!
  • Think Geek recommends 1/2 a tablet is a serve, but I recommend you budget one per person (we found that we went back for more since the effect faded after about 15 mins).
  • Have an antacid on hand!!! I bought a whole packet of Rennie to reverse the acid torture.
  • Have some normal food on hand for afterwards, something warm like meat pies and sausage rolls, to give your tongue and tummy a rest.
  • Try a little bit of everything, and then go back and have lots of what you liked. The effect fades quite quickly, so you want to get in a lot of things before it wears off!
Happy Fruit Tasting!