Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is it about my car that screams "Please Hit Me"

I'm currently in the middle of sorting out some damage done to my car in the uni parking lot last Thursday. I was in the car at the time when this guy swiped the front of my car while he was reversing into a parking bay. I went to the panel beater this morning, and he'll have a formal quote written up for me tomorrow, but he estimates around the $1000 mark. It's funny how much a couple of scratches and a dent can cost.

More details later when it's sorted out grrrrrr.


Rick said...

Its mostly because people suck, but its partly because your car is the size of a small aircraft carrier.

Ryan said...

Why do people insist on reversing into car parks. Don't they know that it a hell of a lot easier to reverse out of one than in?

Lucky you were in the car at the time so you know who did it...