Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Well it's cheap ass Tuesday, and I've just came back from seeing the Transformers movie!

Me, Matt and some friends from uni arrived at Innaloo for the 6.30 screening only to find that it had been sold out, so we decided to buy tickets for the 8.00 screening. All of us there had our tickets, but Ro jumped back in line to get Lara's ticket since she was running late. As he was in the line (this is at about 6.50 by the way) the board started flashing:
Transformers: 6:30 (FULL) 8.00 (FEW)
But all was well - Ro managed to get one of the last tickets for Lara, and we had dinner at Fasta Pasta (mmm classy) while we waited for the movie.

I really enjoyed it! It was really fun seeing Matt turn into a little kid again every time something Transformery happened. The movie was really cute and I thought there was a nice balance between the fun and the serious. Although, as expected of any movie with a technological base, it was extremely cringe worthy. We all laughed out loud when the blonde girl (who was meant to be a signal expert? hahah in everyone's dreams) mentioned Fourier transforms :)

One thing that sort of annoyed me was the weight. This is strange to describe, but things look real only if they move as if they have the right weight. I think a lot of the times it looked like the transformers were moving way too nimbly for how big they were so that made it look strange, and also made it really hard to tell what was going on. I think the perfect example of what I mean about getting the weight right is in Asuka's final fight in End of Evangelion.

Definitely worth seeing, I'm glad we FINALLY did!


Rick said...

Actually, they paid special attention to the weight (well, momentum more than anything else) so that things would look realistic. There were a few times when it stretched, but I guess they were assuming that each robot form weighs the same as its transformed form, and the transformed forms weigh the same as the real automobile.

The only thing that bugged me was MovieOS, which lets you do all kinds of awesome and weird things (it was worse in Oceans 13 though).

The movie was pretty goddamned awesome. I hope Matt brought the spare pants I recommended.

Jess Manea said...

You could definitely tell they put a lot of effort into the movement, but I guess it's one of those things that is impossible to get right. Without saying to much, one of my favourite bits was when Starscream was fighting the planes and transforming to and from the plane and the robot - that was REALLY perfect.

And no, Matt didn't bring spare pants, but it was ok - although I didn't actually check...

Rick said...

Yeah, that part, and also when Barricade jumped into the air and switched to car form to chase Bumblebee, were really sweet.