Friday, January 23, 2015

Trapeze at Twilight Flyers

Andrew and I went to the flying trapeze rig that's temporarily set up in Scarborough as part of the Summerset Arts Festival.

Trapeze is awesome! I'd done it twice before (this was my third time) and it was Andrew's second time. It turns out that this rig is the exact same one that we'd been on before, even though we were convinced that this one looked smaller. Must have been the sunset playing tricks on us.

After our first knee hang, the lovely instructors from Twilight Flyers gave Andrew and I another trick each to work on. Mine was a split hang:

Andrew's was called hocks off:

I grabbed some information about their cleverly named "frequent flyers" classes, but I'm not sure yet I can make all 6 sessions before the rig packs up in March. It's quite expensive ($275 for 6 sessions), but I'd really love to do it again. I think the location at Scarborough was inspired; the sunset and the beach are great backdrops for swinging on a trapeze!

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