Monday, September 28, 2015

Perth Royal Show 2015

What better way to drown our post Fremantle vs. Hawthorn preliminary final loss sorrows than going to the happiest place in Perth, the Perth Royal show!

This year we went with first timers Alvin and Rain, and we really enjoyed showing them around the sights, sounds, and smells of the Royal Show.

I donned my rainbow eye shadow, as is the yearly tradition.
Royal show 2015

We saw the diving pigs (exactly what it sounds like), the sheep dog trials (our favourite show at the show), Bizurcus (which was actually for kids, whoops!), some monster trucks (pretty cool, I think I get it) and my personal favourite, the pidgeons that look like balls.
Royal show 2015

This year the diffraction glasses were functional as well as entertaining, because we totally copped the firework shrapnel where we were sitting! There were bits of fireworks falling all around us, and the usual oohs and ahhs were intertwined with coughs and wheezes. One big disappointment was that the twisted fries (the ones served in a pile on a plate, not the spirals on the stick) where gone! That sucks.
Royal show 2015

We came home with our usual stash of Butch's Smallgoods sausages, Morish nuts, Latasha's Kitchen sauces, and also found some jalapeno Pringles (I got them once on the Gold Coast and have never found them again until now), and a pack of turban chopsticks fritter mix. We did have a wine, the wine that was served at princess Mary's wedding or something... but we drank it over the fireworks.
Royal show 2015

Yay for Nat Fyfe's Brownlow win!

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