Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm So Professional

I haven't had a professional photo taken since I was in high school, and then all of a sudden I had two professional photo shoots in a row, after promptly forgetting how to smile.

Dave from Lazy Gecko Photography (also Karin's husband) put up with 6 annoying girls for 4 long hours to get these amazing shots. Unfortunately it's been about 6 months since any of us have seriously poled so we will definitely need to do another one once we're back in practice! Thanks Dave!



Cross Straddle

Double Aisha


I jumped on a $25 Scoupon for Miller Photography which include a photoshoot and $400 towards prints or electronic packages because I thought it was time I get some professional photos for work (day job and fitness job). My thought process was OK $400, let's say ball park it's $100 a photo so that's 4 photos, 2 for each job, perfect! Turns out that prints are $200 each and electronic packages start at $800 for 6 photos... far out. I stuck with the two prints which came with two small "web" sized electronic copies of the photo, so still worked out, but I definitely misjudged the situation!

Executive Pro

Fitness Pro

Miller's Studio was amazing though, and I think the target audience is more for families that want to get giant photos rather people wanting professional photos for LinkedIn.

So yeah I'm basically a supermodel.

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