Monday, November 16, 2015

Tame Impala and Freo Beer Fest

Tame Impala at Belvoir was incredible. I've seen them play quite a few times now, and they get better every time. They played a heap from Currents but also quite a few from Lonerism and Innerspeaker, and my favourite track of the night was the second encore (feels like we only go backwards).

Tame Impala at Belvoir

I was hoping they'd play the phenomenal like a version cover they did on Friday of Kylie's confide in me, but no luck. Wow that was a good cover!

Belvoir is a really great venue, the sound is amazing, the seating is ideal, (and the security turns a blind eye to everyone choosing to enjoy a sneaky smoke), but my god getting out of there is a fucking nightmare. Luckily Andrew spotted that the second gate was open and we managed to get out of there in record time (still probably 20mins), because otherwise we would have been trying to get out for an hour! It really puts a damper on the night (literally, because it also started raining). We also had to fight the Neil Diamond traffic which was a huge liability, and reminded me of that South Park episode where all the seniors get out of the town meeting all at once.

The Fremantle BeerFest was so much fun as always. I love a good Freo festival, they really know how to put on a great day, especially compared to the Beaufort St festival which also ran this weekend but we avoided after trudging through the hoards of people last year.

Freo BeerFest

Mane liquor / Custard & Co hop filtered cider was yum. My Feral paddle was Kelis (saison), Kilted Cowboy (burbon oaked scotch ale, won best amateur bear of the show), and Boris (Russian imperial stout). Andrew's was Funkin Phresh (fermented wild ale, sour), War Hog (American IPA), and Ashy Larry (oaked smoked porter). Everything we tried was really nice, and the only miss of the day was a god awful pomegranate cider that I have promptly forgotten the name of.

Freo BeerFest

Freo BeerFest

And a day in Freo is not complete without dinner at Maya, best Indian restaurant in Perth. Yum! 

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