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Pure Glow Cleanse

Don't Judge Me

While I am well aware that juice cleanses have dubious beginnings and minimal (to disproved) benefits, I think that there are definitely mental benefits for doing this sort of thing. Just like changing up your exercise routine, I think that breaking up your normal diet with something different (like a vegetarian week) can help get you out of a rut and get you thinking healthier. I've been sick, and just got back from holiday, and have noticed the scales creeping up slowly ever since I stopped working at Pole Fever so I thought I'd finally give Pure Glow a go after having some good recommendations from friends. I'm not deluded into expecting any drastic changes in 3 days, but what I am expecting is a change in mindset and a break in habits!


I got a message from Jacqui at 8:30pm saying she was going to be around soon, followed by a message saying that she'd popped the delivery on the recycling bin. Excited to see what was in the delivery, I went outside in my pj's only to find nothing on either of my bins. We live in a set of villas with a long driveway, so I checked all the neighbours (still in my pjs, creeping around with my phone flashlight on), and nothing! I messaged Jacqui and we sussed out that she had delivered it to the neighbouring set of villas. I went and checked number 4 (still in my pjs), nothing on the bin, and no answer to a knock on the door. The plot began to thicken like a kale smoothie left out of the fridge.

After her next delivery, Jacqui came back and managed to find the rogue juice delivery, which was at the place I had knocked on, but the neighbour mustn'tve heard it. Luckily he heard Jacqui's knock. I love to imagine what the neighbour must have been thinking! Jacqui finally got to juice her wrong-house-delivery cherry.

The juices (18 bottles, 6 per day, the Radiance Reset pack, $195) were packaged in a black cardboard box that also contained a little inspirational pamphlet, some cute paper straws and some herbal teas which was a lovely touch. The juices definitely look beautiful! My mum has already claimed the bottles once I've finished.

Pure Glow delivery 

Radiance Reset 

Juice accessories

I filled in the inspirational pamphlet and put it on the fridge much to Andrew's delight/horror. It probably wouldn't have gone up there if he hadn'tve teased me about it!

Pure Glow Insipiration


Juice Names

Juice #1: Sunrise Elixir (lemon, cucumber, aloe vera, filtered water), 133kJ
A pale yellow, very refreshing, very lemony, maybe even a bit too lemony (it made my tongue hurt a little bit) juice.

Juice #2: Glowing Greens (cos, cucumber, kale, pear, green apple, avocado, celery, parsley, lemon), 631.7 kJ
A thick green, delicious, heavy and filling, you sort of have to chew it a bit (but not in a gross way). This was my favourite one.

Juice #3: Green Guru (kale, cos, cucumber, celery, green apple, mint, lemon), 456kJ
A green, light, fruity, easy to drink juice. You can't taste the kale at all, it's very fruity.

Juice #4: Good Karma (carrot, grapefruit, green apple, ginger, tumeric, lemon), 802.7kJ
A beautiful orange, very sweet and zesty juice.

Juice #5: Buddha Juice (cucumber, fennel, green apple, lemon, mint), 498.7kJ
Another green, light, fruity, easy to drink juice.

Juice #6: Chai Vanilla Dream (almond, cashew, brazil nut, chai rooibos tea, medjool date, vanilla, filtered water), 878.7kJ
A white, nutty, filling juice that felt like having dessert for dinner. It wasn't to sweet at all, but it still felt indulgent.

Juice Info

Total energy intake: 3400 kJ, 813 calories.

Day 1

As recommended, I had a hot water with lemon to start off the morning. I usually always eat breakfast but I wasn't hungry at all until it was time for my first juice.

9am: Juice #1. Since this juice is very lemony I would have preferred to choose a different drink than hot lemon water to start the morning with so that it's not so samey. It's a lovely juice, very fresh and light, but this (along with the lemon juice I had first thing) has left my tongue feeling a bit citrused out. This one took me 45mins to drink, and I quickly realised that I'm going to be extra freezing at work while drinking all these cold juices since I normally chain drink tea to keep me warm.

Sunrise Elixir

11:15am: Juice #2. This is a juice that I would choose to order on it's own. Still feeling fine! I'm working on something quite brain intensive and haven't had any issues yet. Towards the end of this one I had to top it up with some water and give it a shake as I was getting self concious about making too many straw slurping noises in the office.

Glowing Greens

1pm: Juice #3. I had this one while enjoying the sun outside on the lawn outside my office, but then it got a bit windy so I enjoyed the sun some more on a couch by the window in the kitchen. Still not hungry, but I've started feeling like I want to have something salty.

Green Guru

3pm: Juice #4. I've started getting the hang of this now! I split this juice up so that I had half before my 4:30 run, and half after, which was hard to do because this is the easiest juice to drink so far. I felt fine on my (3.6km) run, although I'm still getting over a cough so I wasn't 100%.

Good Karma

6pm: Juice #5. This one kept me going while getting organised for the Karrinyup swap meet this Sunday.

Buddha Juice

7:30pm: Juice #6. This one is amazing, and so filling that I actually didn't think I could finish it. I sipped it slowly and felt like I was having dessert. I enjoyed it so much that the smell of Andrew's pasta dinner didn't bother me one bit!

Chai Vanilla Dream

Despite the low energy intake I found day 1 quite easy, no hunger, a little bit of a salt craving, and a general feeling of wanting something else other than juice, but nothing major. I usually take magnesium for cramps every day but skipped it yesterday because I didn't want to take it on an empty stomach, and ended up with a toe and calf cramp that night, so that sucked!

Day 2

I woke up feeling great, but a bit dehydrated, so I guess I wasn't drinking enough water. Started the day off with lots of water and a peppermint tea.

I kept the same juice schedule as yesterday, and again felt fine! I crashed a little bit early (at around 9:30pm) and had an early one, but other than that still feeling OK.

Day 3

By this time I'd really gotten the hang of it, and I started to really enjoy the juices! My favourite was the second juice - without this one I think that I would have been missing food.

This day I had circus training, and I found that while I had the energy, my stamina was lower than usual and my muscles gave up earlier that they usually would. I guess we've also had a week break, but I think this one was definitely due to diet.

I took Juice #5 to my parents house on the way to circus and Mina and my dad thought it was really nice (Mina wants to try make it), but my mum HATED it and actually spat it out and was dry heaving! Turns out she hates mint with a vomity passion, I had no idea and felt really bad I put her through it. I had no idea someone could react that way to something so delicious!

I was actually really sad to have my last juice of the night, I appreciated it very slowly.

The verdict

On Day 4 I woke up looking forward to the first juice of the day, and realised that it was already over. I had an apple, yogurt, and Pura Veda (a mix of seeds) for breakfast, and it was nice but I honestly missed the juices. Eating actual food wasn't a relief or anything, and to be honest the whole 3 days was so easy that it felt a bit like a non event. I lost 2kg, but I'm sure that's all water/food weight.

I think I got out of it what I wanted - I don't think I'll be reaching for snacks, coffee, or overeating any time soon, hopefully this feeling will last! I would definitely recommend the experience, but would be hesitant to recommend it too easily because of the price point. It's expensive, and although the cost is justified based on the product, I think it's a lot to spend especially if you're expecting something you might not get from the experience.

If you're not too scared off by the price I think it's definitely worth while giving this a shot! And if you're in Perth I definitely recommend Pure Glow (although I don't think there are any other options anyway). I think something like this would be perfect to do sometime in February after Christmas, New Years, and Australia Day.

Thank you Pure Glow!

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