Saturday, July 13, 2013

Paris to Lisbon

We started off our last day in Paris with a run through the nearby national park amongst the bunnies. It makes me very happy to know that there is a park full of bunnies! They were super cute, I miss George.

Bunny on our Run

Before we left Sim and Chad's place, we got a bunch of pastries from the bakery across the road to keep us going till dinner in Lisbon.

The flight to Lisbon was so quick and convenient, what a contrast to travelling anywhere from Perth! After checking in we had an amazing dinner at Restaurante Laurentina - O Rei do Bacalhau, which served authentic cod dishes and deserts. We had an amazing night, the staff were very friendly and shouted us some Port and even gave us a must-do when in Lisbon - trying an original custard tart from Belem. We tried a non-orignal custard tart there, and it was incredible. Our waiter assured us that the real thing is much better, I can't wait!

Dinner in Lisbon

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