Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now also in the eyes of Godinski

It was a beautiful, somber, and incinerator hot service yesterday at Yvonne and Stefan's religious ceremony at a Russian Orthodox church in Vevey.

Yvonne looked stunning, Stefan looked very handsome, and all the guests looked hot in both senses in their formal wear. I got emotional seeing Yvonne walk in looking perfect in her wedding dress - my eyes cried tears and every single other part of my body cried sweat. The boys were so well behaved, we were really proud!


The reception was so much fun! The Swiss and the Aussies had who-can-be-the-loudest competitions, and I think the aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi definitely held it's own. We ate and danced until 3am and have been recovering all day today.

First Dance


After a big sleep in today and a much needed berocca we went and had a goodbye ice cream with Simona, Chad and the boys and then headed into Geneva for a quick visit of the Jet.

Muca Icecream


We're about to head out to dinner with the newly weds and then we're off home tomorrow!

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