Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paris - Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame

Today was day 1 of doing the tourist thing by visiting the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, crossing a few ponts along the way. Looking UpWe spent most of the day waiting in the line for the Eiffel Tower, and once we got to the front there was a little hand written sign saying that they weren't selling tickets to the summit because it was too busy, so we'd have to buy them at the second floor. After catching the elevator up, we waited in line to buy the ticket, then waited in line to get to the top which summed to about 2h of waiting, but... it was totally worth it. The view from the summit is really incredible, my favourite way to see Paris from above. At the Eiffel Tower Lunch in the gardens was relaxing, I was so grateful for that baguette! Lunch in the Jardin Also, a handstand: Handstands!

Pont Des ArtesWe crossed Pont Alexandre III and stopped to look at Pont des Artes (which was covered in locks) on the way to Notre Dame. Along the way we had a gypsy try the "mon dieu I just found a wedding ring!" scam, took me a couple of seconds to realise but that was the first time I'd seen that one!

Suspicious SculpturesAt Notre Dame we decided to wait in the line to go up the towers since it seemed slightly shorter than the line for the chapel, and it was in the shade thank god! If we weren't already buggered, the stairs to the top of Notre Damn definitely took care of that, but again, totally worth it for the view and the close up view of the extremely creepy gargoyles (seriously what the hell religion, there was some really intense gargoyle death sculptures and saints wielding knives) and also a lot of rows of what looked suspiciously like balls. Guarding Paris We are absolutely shattered after walking around the whole of Paris, I am switching to my running shoes for Versailles tomorrow!

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