Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back home!

Arriving back to reality has been a bit surreal. Perth welcomed us back with amazingly cool weather, which made up for the pile of bills waiting for us at home. After sleeping for 16 hours we're feeling less than refreshed, but we both still have one day left to recover until we go back to work. Well, I'm back to Pole Fever tomorrow night but that's a welcome remedy to the 2kg of cheese and chocolate I gained on the trip.

Also, we're still alive despite the final destination-ish set of train crashes that seems to have followed us through Europe. We just found out today that there was a train crash yesterday in Switzerland on the way to Lausanne, where we were staying and catching lots of trains to/from, a day after we left. This follows a train crash in Paris on the 12th of July (the day we left), and a train crash in Madrid on the 24th of July (a week after we left). I knew wearing a strapless dress in a Russian Orthodox church was a bad idea!

I love travelling, but it makes you appreciate what you have at home. Missed you Perth!

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