Saturday, April 28, 2007

Space Doggies!

Yesterday Matt gave me a surprise present! It's a David Lanham print of Space Doggy, which is my favourite digital creation of his. It was a really really sweet thoughtful surprise that I didn't expect! It's been my background ever since I got my Mac, and I'd been going on about how much I loved it and how I'd never get sick of it :)

I'm going to get it block mounted and hang it up above my desk in the study. I guess now maybe I'll change my background to either Shaky Love or In a Pickle. So cute! There's just something about all of them that is so eerie and cute and shiny.

The thing about Space Doggy is that he'll never get the bone! It made my dad REALLY sad - it was so funny he was like "But he can't get the... AWWW poor thing! Look how he's looking at the bone!" I like to think that off to the left of the scene there's a big rocket where he can get out of his space suit and eat all the bones he likes :) Also take a look at the animations they're really good.

This is unfortunately a pretty bad picture, in real life the print looks really vibrant and super high resolution, but you can't really tell. So thanks for that Matt! What a nice pressie!

Space Doggies

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