Thursday, April 19, 2007

Photo Booth!

I've really started getting used to my Mac, and I'm starting to be really productive on it. I just set it up to get wireless internet around uni so that's been fun! I'd always been jealous of the people with laptops at uni :)

Coloured PencilI've also just been playing with Photo Booth which is really fun. There's some pretty effects like sepia, black and white, comic book, and some fun effects like (my favourite) the mirror, squeeze, and bulge. Some of the effects are REALLY creepy and I mostly stay away from them since after the funny wears off it gets a bit sickening. Take a look at some of the fanciness and silliness on my Flickr!

Mirror Kiss


The Crazy Si... said...

hehehe look Jess is kissing herself ... hehehhe now say "oh what a lovely Tea party"

Andrew said...

Nice blog, found it by some random browsing on Flickr (lol). Cute pics as well :)

~ aj / /