Friday, April 6, 2007

How to Make a Nurse Outfit in 4 Easy Steps

I bet it's something you've all been wondering, so this post will help put your mind at ease.

The BeltThe ShoesIngredients:
* A plain white dress
* A waisted red belt
* Some white fish net stockings
* Big red buttons
* White electrical tape
* A headband
* Some white heels

The Hat Step 1. The Hat
All you need is a piece of paper and a headband. You just need to fold the paper up in the hat shape, and draw on the red border and the cross/love heart. You then make two loops (out of paper) for the head band to slide through, and sticky tape them on the back of the hat.

The Buttons Step 2. The Buttons
Picked these up from a craft shop for 50cents each, and used some white electrical tape to make the little white crosses on each one.

The Stockings Step 3. The Stockings
It actually took me a while to track down white fish net stockings, and I managed to find some at this little sock stall in a shopping center for $5. Sew a button on each stocking. Some suspenders might also look cute!

The Dress Step 4. The Dress
This was an old under dress I haven't used for years, so I didn't mind destroying it. It was originally flat at the top, but I gathered it up with a button to make it look a bit cuter. Sew the buttons down the front, but leave some space for a waisted red belt which helps brighten up the white.

The Final Outfit
The Whole Outfit

Doc and NurseIn case you're wondering, this whole thing was for Vanessa's 21st. It was a uniform themed dress up, and she got the Party Bus which took us through Northbridge. Me and Matt ended up going as Doctor and Nurse, which surprisingly, nobody else chose.

I was expecting to not be let out of the house by my parents, but they thought the outfits were fantastic! Even my grandma complimented my handiwork with making the outfit, which was a nice surprise.

Vanessa the Sherif and Jess the NurseI was pretty embarrassed about going through Subiacco, but Vanessa was keen to try. We tried the Sapphire Bar and the Red Sea, but neither would let us in due to dress codes (no surprises there). So we ended up just visiting the Queens, the Hippee Club, and ended up at the Dean, where we fit in with all the other wierdos.

It turned out being extremely fun and not embarrassing at all, since everyone thought it was pretty funny and made a point of chatting to us to find out what the hell we were doing! Just a warning to anyone planning to go as a nurse; expect to hear the line "Hey baby, will you take my temperature" a couple of hundred times during the night. I find that the response "I'm not qualified, but Dr. Matt here will do it" usually does the trick.

Oh Doctor!


ro said...

jess... thats soo HOT.

Rick said...

Matt looks straight out of Scrubs!

Ryan said...

Finally I can make that nurses outfit I've been dreaming of for so long. Although I'm not sure if red is my colour...

KytaNa said...

thanks for helping me out with the nurse's hat!
yours was an inspiration and it worked!
i thought to show you my end result of my outfit plus the hat!

KytaNa said...
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BlackMagicWoman said...

you both look so cute!! i'm going to a Doctors,Nurses & Patients themed party tmoro nite and haven't got anything prepared yet. but thanks to your idea i think i'm now sorted..cheers!

Jess Manea said...

I'm so happy that this post helped! Plus I completely think that DIY outfits always turn out better than the store bought kind.