Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Poor MacBook

The Corruption BeginsI've just finished installing Windows on my MacBook and I sort of feel like I've betrayed her :( It's really not fun going back to Windows after you've used a Mac. All of a sudden my computer was telling me what to do, making stupid noises every 5 seconds, and constantly winging about security. Oh well I really do need it, so what can you do?

Putting it on was fairly easy using Boot Camp, except for a bit of drama with a system file that went missing. I ended up allocating 20GB for the Windows partition (it's a 120GB hard drive), so hopefully that'll be enough for Matlab, PSpice, Retro and all those other little programs I'm gonna need.

More importantly, it looks like Psychonauts is going to run pretty well! I've got the demo running so that's gonna be fun!

Just Awful, Isn't It?

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James said...

Windows on a mac, now that's just not right :P Pyschonauts is supposed to be really good, remember reading some reviews about it a few years back. Didn't really get the sales it deserved.