Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pole Fever Morley

Pole Fever has a new studio in Morley! Business Card Cupcakes Today was the open day where the doors were open for everyone to come see our new digs. There were free classes, cupcakes galore (I spend my Saturday night baking but it was worth it), a performance by Tammy Baxter, and play time at the end. The New Studio The new studio is really beautiful, and it was really interesting having a go on the 45mm poles. The Malaga studio has 50mm poles, and even though 5mm doesn't sound like much it makes a huge difference for grip both in a good and bad way. There was a few tricks that I struggled with on the 50mm poles that I got straight away on the 45mm, but certain grips (especially underarm grip) were a lot more painful! Pole Fever Cupcakes! Hopefully this is the first of many more studios to come! Through the Door Beads

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