Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fremantle Winter Festival

Last night I went iceskating in the middle of the Fremantle Esplanade, of all places. It was awesome! I hadn't been ice skating for years but this just seemed too fun to pass up. Ice Skates A massive ice skating rink was set up in the Esplanade as part of the Fremantle Winter festival, as well as a couple of tents where hot food and drinks were much appreciated after the hour long skating session. I was a little skeptical about how the rink would actually stay frozen since it wasn't super cold outside, but by some sort of wizardry the ice was completely solid! The bar was set up in a tent facing the skating rink, so you could drink mulled wine while watching the next group of skaters do their best on the rickety ice, which made for interesting stacks. Snowflakes Ice skating outdoors in Fremantle is definitely something I never knew I always wanted.

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