Monday, July 9, 2012

Pole and Snake Party

An interesting combination to be sure! Last Saturday a fellow instructor from dancing hired out a hall for her 22nd birthday, along with a couple of stage poles and a snake man, as you do. Layout with Snake There were a few teeny tiny palm sized snakes, a mid sized snake that would always want to climb upwards, and a massive 2m snake that was really cute but unexpectadly heavy. They were all really friendly, and would snuggle up and curl around you everywhichway they could to share your warmth! The combination definitely made for some interesting photos. Jade Split with Snakes all over My favourite one was the big snake. The feeling of his muscles contracting on your skin as he propelled himself along was awesome. The way they move about seems a little bit like magic to me! Me and the Big Snake Happy Birthday Tammie! Holding up the Birthday Girl Also, my hair is brown again :)

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