Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Perth Royal Show 2012

Ahh showtime, one of my favourite times of year! Dove This year we were lucky enough to go on the day that the utility dogs were being judged, and managed to see some awesome best-of-breed boxers, so cute!

The pigeon and poultry pavilion (my favourite animal pavilion) did not fail to impress with some very strange and wonderful breeds of birds. Some were very beautiful, like the little white doves that look like their tails are summer umbrellas: Umbrella

White others are just... confusing I think is the best word! And you'd think looking like you've been assembled all wrong would be enough for these pigeons, but it seems like they enjoy adding an extra level of creepy by constantly trying to dislocate their heads!

Speaking of creepy, what's with this cake? Enough said. Creepy Cake

One of the highlights for me this year was the Mouse Mania Circus, which was as awesome as the name suggests. It wasn't actually a circus, it was just a bunch of mice playing about on a set of really cool circus themed mouse playground pieces. The mice were having a blast, and so was the audience which I was happy to say was mostly made up of "adults" like myself giggling at the mousey mayhem. Mouse Circus Man

There were no new rides this year, and so we stuck to the classic Ranger, and also braved the ghost train which was really fun! I hadn't been on a ghost train since I was little (and I think I successfully repressed that memory) so I had no idea what to expect. I expected it to be dark, but I definitely didn't expect to be grabbed at by hairy hands! I think I screamed in the ears of a few ghost train "monsters" (probably poor underpaid teenagers) quite a few times.

We had a traditional show dinner of curly fries and sneaky wine while watching the fireworks through 3D glasses. Curly Fries (and sneaky wine) for dinner

This year they didn't hand any glasses out, but luckily I had mine from last year. I will be bringing these babies to all the fireworks I ever go to! I managed to get an awesome video through the glasses - it doesn't do it justice but you can kind of get the idea.

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