Monday, January 8, 2007

Summadayze 07

Yesterday was Summadayze 07 at the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth. I bought my ticket about 2 months ago because I could not wait to see Hybrid again, and this time they were performing not dj-ing! YAY!

I woke up that morning at around 11.00, and it was a perfect summer day for the event! I got ready pretty quickly, cause we were planning to get there at around 1 or 2. I tried to get my hair extra straight because I knew we'd be getting hot and sweaty, which of course means my hair would go wavy, so I made sure it was perfectly straight (keep this in mind when you look at the photos that were taken at the end of the day :| NOT GOOD!).

Me and my boyfriend Matt got a lift in at around 2ish. The queue was pretty long and we had to wait in line for about 15mins before we got in. I was a bit worried that I'd get hassled about my licence, which expired the next day, since there was already a girl crying because the bouncers didn't think her passport was her (we saw her inside later on, so she made it in the end!).

The Summadayze arena When we finally got in, all we were really doing was wasting time and sussing out the venue for when Hybrid came on. The set up was really good! There was the Summadayze Arena, which was completely outdoors, a huge Housedayze Tent which was sorta the second main stage, and a third tent which was pretty much just a sauna of sweat which we completely avoided at all costs.

The Housedayze TentAt 4.00 we saw Darren Emerson from Underworld at the Housedayze Tent. The set started slow, so we weren't really getting into it, but we were really excited to see him so we didn't mind at all. Towards the end, we decided we'd had enough of everyone else's sweat smearing on us as they danced, so we went out to get some fresh air. As soon as we got outside, Born Slippy started playing! We absolutely sprinted inside (along with everyone else) and the crowd went nuts for it! After that he played some Prodigy which also went crazy, but we really had to leave before the end to make it in time for Hybrid which started at 5.30.

As we approached the Summadayze Arena where Hybrid was playing, the extacy-pop stylings of Judge Jules got louder and louder, and we started getting pretty worried we wouldn't be able to get to the front due to the giant crowd. Funnily enough, as soon as Jules stopped playing, virtually the whole crowd began to dissipate! I guess Jules's fans aren't Hybrid fans, which suited me just fine since we got straight to the front... perfect!

The Hybrid set was AMAZING. I knew as soon as they started with I Choose Noise that this was gonna be huge. For the majority of the set I was just standing there, too amazed to jump around or dance. I knew the new album off by heart so hearing it being performed in front of me was surreal.

As soon as we spotted the singer John Graham we knew that Until Tomorrow was going to be played, and that was the exact track I was hoping for, so I couldn't wait! I know (and LOVE) all the lyrics to that song off by heart, and I couldn't wait to hear it live.

This next bit is unbelievable... ok listen to this... during the song, I was happily singing along when I managed to catch the eye of Chris who noticed me mouthing the words! HE POINTED TO ME AND STARTED SINGING ALONG TOO!!!! Ok that's such a groupie moment but let me have it... it was GREAT! That really made my day, well, my year more like it.

As 6.30 drew nearer, and the amazing designated Hybrid hour drew to a close, the crowed began yelling for one more. I was hoping that the one more would be Dogstar, but they played Finished Symphony which was definitely a good choice to end with - classic Hybrid. As the strings died down, I was already trying to figure out how we'd get their attention. I didn't manage to get the Hybrid Dish Pump shirt printed up (which... long story... would have definitely got their attention), so we figured we'd need to rush to see where "backstage" was.

Hybrid As they left, we ran to the right of the stage and tried to get a glimpse of them between the fences. We saw Mike and Chris walking around, but they were too far, and the bouncers were too mean, for us to get too close. So me, Matt, and (my cousin) Yvonne all sat down on the grass to have a rest for a while. Much to our surprise, guess who came out for a look around... Chris and Mike!!! They just... popped out right in front of us!

Me and Chris from Hybrid!!! I had no idea what to say, and we ended up just calling their names. They shook our hands, and we told them that it was a great set, and then Chris noticed that I was the girl who knew ALL the words to EVERYTHING standing at the front! So they stopped for a chat... A CHAT! They were both really nice (and unexpectedly tall). It turns out their plane had landed 2h before their set, and Perth was on the arse end of the tour, so they were rightfully exhausted. Chris said to me that he was looking forward to just get absolutely smashed and relax the rest of the day.

Matt, Mike from Hybrid!!!! and meMatt was talking to Mike who mentioned there was rumour of an after party and he would try and get us some passes if possible, but unfortunately (damn damn damn damn), no luck. After a nice chat, they headed backstage again. After a while Tim and John came out as well, and we had a chat to them too.

John Graham from HybridI was really pleased I got to talk to John and tell him how much I loved his lyrics in Until Tomorrow. There's a particular bit that goes:
"I breathe you in, as the sunlight breaks the haze to touch your skin..."
that I find extremely beautiful. I always turn that bit up, and force everyone around to listen to it. All the lyrics are really nice in that track, but for some reason, those in particular just strike me as perfect. I asked him if it was about anyone, and he said that the lyrics were "random really," (in a gorgeous british accent of course).

Oh ANDDDD one more thing. After a little while, Chris and Mike came out with some signed Summadayze posters and handed one to us. So that's pretty much... the best that could have gone! Seriously it just kept getting better. I should probably mention that I got only 3h of sleep that night (I wasn't drinking or anything, just still completely buzzing), so I had a fantastic time at work today :| but it was definitely worth it!!!

P.S Check out my hair at the end of the day... keeping in mind it was super straight when I left!
Yvonne and me
So there you go! What a perfect day that I'll never forget. AAAHHhhhhh :)

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