Sunday, January 21, 2007

Amy's 21st Birthday!

Amy PosingAmy Scholz's 21st birthday was on the 15th of Jan, and she had her party on Saturday the 20th at the Leederville. Amy's one of my closest friends and we've known each other since we were really young, so I had heaps of things to embarrass her with come speech time!

Before we left, Amy had a few friends over to hers for some drinks and nibblies, and to "touch up" for her big night out. It was good to have a quiet chat before leaving, since you don't really get to talk much when you're out. Amy's mum organised some sushi, chips and dip, and other little snacks for us. The sushi was really good, except for the tofu sushi which sparked up a big conversation about what the hell tofu is anyway. We came to the conclusion that it was "meatless-meat", and that it tasted bad even if it tasted like nothing.

For Amy's big present, all the girls chipped in to get her a deck for her car, and also paid for the installation. She really liked the deck, and I'm sure it'll get a lot of use since she doesn't have an antenna in the car (poor thing I know how that feels...). I also bought Amy a little pair of sparkly silver studs just as a little present for her to unwrap from me. These were, literally, out-shone by Amy's sister's present, which was a pair of diamond earings! Those were absolutely beautiful and you can really see them shine in some of the photos.

A Little Bit of Charlie's TailAs the punch bowl became increasingly empty, we decided it was time to head off, and so we all packed into the bathroom for a last minute touch up. Unfortunately, as Gabby got up out of her chair, Amy's dog Charlie had his tail caught under the chair leg! Charlie let out a little yelp, but was wagging his little tail happily the next second. Given his reaction we thought it wasn't too bad, but when we looked at the chair leg, we were surprised to find a little tuft of white hair! So poor Charlie must've been putting on a brave face!

Amy and Me in the Ladies'At the Leederville, Amy rented out one of the rooms on the top floor, and also put down a bar tab. At the beginning she was really worried the place wouldn't fill up since it was quite big! But everyone got there quite early and so it was a full house by about 9.00pm. 21st are one of those things where you see people that you haven't spoken to for ages. Amy invited heaps of people from high school that I hadn't seen for a long time. It felt like high school again! Except that every one had big plans for the future and I just found out that Kira is a mum!

Amy's Mum's Priceless ReactionAmy's ReactionAt 9.30 it was speech time. We managed to get the staff to turn the music down for a little while, but being a club, it was still extremely loud. When I gave me speech I still had to scream at the top of my voice, and needless to say I'd lost my voice by the end of it. I was really quite nervous to get up in front of everyone and reveal embarrassing childhood stories that also involved me. But I didn't mind - since I was embarrassing Amy, I may as well be embarrassed myself. Jen was meant to give a speech about high school stuff, but she chickened out! Although she gave the speech to Amy so she can still read it. Gabby's speech was more about out-of-high school stuff like our Contiki tour. Amy was so cute during the speech, and it was hilarious watching her and her mum's reactions to all stories of mischief. When we finished, there was a big cheer for Amy, the music was turned up, and the drinking started up again!
The Girls #2

Amy and Me and a BalloonAmy had a really great night, and she looked good too! She was easy to spot in the crowd as well, due to a helium balloon tied to her wrist that I stole for her from the 40th going on in the next room.

Amy and Me in the Ladies' #2It's funny that she's 21 now, because I'll never see an adult when I look at her, no matter how old she gets. Even when we're old grannies wearing diapers and working at a chocolate shop (that's our plan for when we retire - the shop not the diapers), I'll still feel like a kid around her (Awwww).

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