Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Baking

Christmas Tree Cupcakes
I picked the yellow stars out of a pack of yellow star sprinkles, and used some sugar pearls for decoration. Green buttercream icing piped on with a star nozzle. 

Rudolph Cupcakes
The nose is a Jaffa, eyes are mini m&ms, and antlers are Curly Wurly chocolate bars cut lengthways. 

Holly Cupcakes
The leaves are green musk sticks cut on an angle. The big holly berries are Jaffas, and the small ones are mini m&ms.

Holly Marshmallows
Pascall marshmallows with the top dipped in chocolate, decorated with Jaffas and green musk stick cross sections.

Christmas Biscotti
Cranberries and pistachios make this look Christmassy.

Christmas Rocky Road
Starburst Red Berries, pistachios, and blanched almonds make this look Christmassy.

Coconut Ice
Pretty much just icing sugar and condensed milk.

Cocopop Crackles
With coconut snow.

Hedgehog Slice
Andrew's mum's delicious recipe. 

Peanut Butter Cups
Arnotts butternut snap cookies heated, shaped into a cup using a ladle and shallow cupcake trays, filled with peanut butter, and with chocolate melted on top.

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