Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 Fremantle Chilli Festival

The Fremantle Chilli Festival is a yearly event where all things chilli are celebrated throughout the weekend at the Fremantle Esplanade. A chilli festival in Western Australia at the start of Autumn does't sound like the best idea since the weather is still at it's summery worst, but the crowds still came out and flooded Freo like chilli was famous.
Chilli Plants for Sale

This year the weather was more forgiving (last year it almost hit 40 degrees!) and although it was a bit humid the overcastness made it the perfect day for spending 5 hours in the middle of the day eating chillies in all of it's glorious forms.

We had a bunch of weird and wonderful things including fried mice (not what it sounds like), chilli beer, chilli hotdogs, chilli nougat, chilli fudge, chilli salt, all sorts of chilli sauces, pastes and dip, and chilli chocolate cupcakes (mine are better).
By the Tail

Last year we tried a slice of the what was the 2nd hottest chilli in the world at the time (the ghost chilli) and actually thought we were going to die, so of course this year we decided to try the current hottest chilli in the world (the trinidad scorpion). However this year it was in paste-form, and was nowhere near as hot as the ghost chilli, but we definitely wrote it off to early because it kept ramping up for a good 5minutes after the first kick died off.

Trinidad Scorpion Sauce

I didn't experience the same panic I did last year though - having a slice of the ghost chilli was something unlike I'd ever experienced. It wasn't like a really hot chilli, it ignited some other response which completely immobilised us into drooling heaps on the lawn and for about 5minutes all we could do was concentrate on not dying.

Plum and RaspberryWe finished off the day with a La Paleta Mexican ice treat, yum! I was a little disappointed that they didn't have some of their really different flavours (like strawberry and basil) on offer, but the two we chose (raspberry & plum and salted caramel) were really delicious and definitely hit the spot as chilli first aid.
La Paleta

I really appreciate that there are festivals dedicated to things like chilli. All I need now is a festival dedicated to salt and another festival dedicated to bunnies!

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