Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WAPPS 2013

Last weekend I survived the West Australian Summer Pole Camp together with the WA Pole Performance Showcase. It was awesome but I'm so glad it's over! I did workshops with the amazing Natasha Wang, the beautiful Jamilla Deville, the super flexy Luxe, but my favourite by far was strength pole with Lisa Chastity, she is so strong and lovely! Her daughter and husband helped spot and give everyone pointers throughout the workshop, it must be so cool to have a whole family of pole performers.

Group Performance Costumes

I did a group performance with the Pole Fever girls and also a solo performance at this years WAPPS, and both went really well despite the absolute terror and stress before hand!

I got a terrible video of our group performance on the night, but here's a video of us at practice (our costumes are in the picture above).

WA Pole camp is going to be even bigger next year, I can't wait!

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