Monday, April 9, 2012

Making Oua Rosi with Mina

Along with eating and drinking way too much in one day, an Easter tradition in our family is to make coloured boiled eggs called Oua Rosi (which literally means red eggs in Romanian, even though they're all different colours).

This year, Mina and I made a batch of 30 eggs in red, yellow, blue and green. We used powdered egg colouring from the ReStore.
Egg colouring

We didn't quite follow the instructions on the packet (which suggested boiling the eggs in the colouring for 15minutes), but instead we pre-boiled the eggs and dipped each one in the colouring until it was nice and bright. The instructions also mentioned to add vinegar in the last couple of minutes of boiling, but we just added that at the start when we mixed up the pots of colouring in boiling water.
On the stove

After taking the eggs out, we dried them off on a bunch of layers of newspaper and paper towels, making sure to roll each egg as it dried so that there wouldn't be too much of a spot on the bottom. This definitely made for some interestingly coloured paper towels!

The last step is to rub each egg with a lightly oiled cloth (any cooking oil will do) so that they get really shiny. I think they turned out really beautiful!
Coloured Eggs

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