Monday, March 12, 2012

Fremantle Chilli Festival

Yesterday I went to the Fremantle Chilli Festival to experience all things chilli in the inappropriate 41 degree Perth weather.

The festival was held in the Fremantle Esplanade which was fenced off for a huge variety of stalls featuring everything from chilli beer to chilli popcorn (both of which were really delicious).

My favourite stall was the Worlds Hottest Chilli Salt stall, which had a variety of salts (one of my favourite things) that were seasoned with chilli and other spices. We actually had to take a break after this stall, I ate way too much salt!

The highlight of the day was trying the world's second hottest chilli, the Ghost chilli. It had just been beaten in hotness 3 weeks ago by the Moruga Scorpion chilli. It was... a completely different thing to regular chilli! I had a tiny slice on a piece of cracker, at which time one of the boys hosting the stall starting recording us on his iPhone - never a good sign.

The guy at the stall had said to give it a couple of minutes to set in to maximum heat, he wasn't kidding! The burning set in straight away, but I could still talk and function and had motor skills (enough to buy a pod of the Moruga Scorpion!) until about a minute in, where I was rendered completely immobile and sat on the grass feeling very sorry for myself. It was certainly an experience! I think that the pod of the Moruga Scorpion will be strictly for ornamental purposes, I don't even have the courage to open the packet!

Lots of Chilli

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