Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Nice Surprise from Google

When I got home from uni this afternoon there was a FedEx package waiting for me in the study. I had absolutely no idea what it was or who it was from, and I certainly wasn't expecting anything. When I picked the box up, I noticed it was very light, and it also had the word "ball" scrawled on it in red marker. I was pretty sure I wasn't expecting any balls in a big package, so this further perplexed me.

So I finally found a pair of scissors and opened up the box to find... a surprise present from Google! It was a giant black and pink throw blanket with the Google girls logo on it. There was a really sweet card from Meghan, Neetu and Will from Global University Programs at Google, mentioning that the blanket was a memento of the Google retreat in Sydney, and is intended to keep me warm "as the weather cools" (how sweet is that - thanks guys!).

It was a really nice surprise and considering that it's just crossed into autumn and already started raining, it will definitely go to good use right away, as you can see in the pic below :)

A present from Google - a nice warm Blanket!

In related news, the $1000 reward money from Google also arrived in the mail today (it's been an exciting day for opening things today for me)! I've already decided what it's going towards (and it's arriving next Tuesday yay!). I'm getting a 13inch MacBook as an upgrade to my PC, and I just can't wait to get it. I thought it would be nice if the prize money was put towards something relevant rather than me slowly frittering it away on shoes and clothes and the like. Also, there's a special offer on at the moment that if you get a Mac, you get $200 off an iPod! I've already got a mini so Matt's decided to get a 30GB iPod for effectively $180 so hooray all round :)

So it's been a good day all thanks to Google! I'll definitely fall asleep tonight smiling under my Google blanket, dreaming about my Macbook, ahhhhhh :)

Snuggling up with the Google Blanket


Paul said...

Cool! Who wouldn't want to work for Google eh? Excellent decision to get a MacBook by the way.

Rick said...

I am becoming more and more confident that this is all part of some breeding programme.

Jess Manea said...

Paul - Thanks! It was a big (financial) decision since it's costing pretty close to what my car is worth, but I'm sure I'll get heaps of use out of it :)

Ricky - hahah what the hell? Step 1. send out fluffy pink blankets. Step 2. *missing* Step 3. Take over the world?

James said...

Not sure about the whole 'Mac' thing ;) but a new computer is always good

Actually, OS X is nice and Vista is just blegh, so it's looking better and better :) There's always Linux though :P