Friday, March 30, 2007

My MacBook Arrives!

Yesterday after a loooonggg wait, my MacBook finally was delivered to the uni. It was actually meant to be in last Friday, but the store was refurbishing it's main desk and so things were going slow all round apparently.

After the long drive home (everything seemed to take so long!), I had to quickly rush to the bank before it closed to deposit the cheque from Google into my dad's account, since he paid for the Mac on his credit card (yet another delay!).

All the GoodiesFinally I got home and started unpacking :) I was taking photos along the way, which took a huge amount of patience, but hey you only unwrap a Mac once. The packaging was really cool, and I actually forgot that it came with a remote for Front Row, so that was a surprise when I saw it in there. I also got a video connector so that we can connect it to the tv. I'll probably need another connector to plug my monitor in but I'll get that one later.

The MacBook and the iPod

AlllmmoosttIt really was great fun opening it up, and because Matt has a PowerBook, I already knew how to get started, so I could get into it straight away. I set up some nice folders for uni and transferred all my work from this semester from my pc, which was really fun since it's all ready to go if I want to take it with me on Monday (how exciting). It's sort of hard to decide what to put on it legacy wise; I've decided to keep all of my old photos on my pc and eventually just burn them to DVD, and I'm just in the process of transferring all the 2007 photos onto my Mac, so I'll sort of start fresh from this year with iPhoto.

I'm really looking forward to learning how to use it properly, since it takes a bit of getting used to before you can use a Mac to its full potential. I started writing up an AI tute on it last night and it just felt so nice for some reason. I guess because it's so cute, but also because it already feels like home.

When Matt got to my house after work he didn't quite know what to do first! He was playing with the Mac for a while before he realised he had his iPod to open! There was a special offer from Apple so that if you by a MacBook you get an iPod for $200 off, so Matt got a 30GB iPod video in black, which is really awesome. Now I've just gotta figure out how to get the rebate, since the instructions are all cryptic.

So I am now officially a Mac user! I'm still going to have to install Windows on it (how disappointing) since there's a couple of programs I need for engineering that only run on Windows. But I'm so glad I finally decided to get one, and I'm in love with it already :)
The Mac's Warming Glowing Warming Glow


Paul said...

Niiiiice! Do you intend to use Boot Camp or Parallels (or the VMware beta) to run Windows? I haven't had the heart to set aside a dedicated Windows partition on my Mac yet....

Jess Manea said...

I still have my PC and was hoping to manage without Windows on the Mac, but I really need a few programs that wont run on the Mac when I'm at uni. Plus I want to play Psyconauts! It is a shame though, but what can you do :(

Jess Manea said...

Oh and yeah, to actually answer your question, I will be dual booting because apparently Parallels is fairly cpu intensive, and so are the programs I'd be running, so it probably wouldn't work too well. But I don't mind doing that really, I can't see the need for Parallels just yet.