Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine's Day Picnic

Matt in the Gazebo!Valentine's day is one of those occasions where you KNOW that it only exists to money off poor young lovers, but you just can't help celebrating it anyway. We decided that we couldn't be bothered doing the usual restaurant dinner (along with all the other millions of couples), so we had a nice relaxing Valentine's day picnic at a gazebo by Emu Lake near my house.

Me in the Gazebo!We didn't quite know what to expect with that gazebo, and we were half expecting it to be taken, but we got there just in time! About 5 minutes after we sat down, another couple arrived looking expectantly at the gazebo (yessss we got it first). We made a picnic dinner that we had to earn by fighting off the bull ants who were finding their way through the tightest cling wrap (how the hell do they get in there?).

So it looks like we'll be doing that from now on! I'd definitely choose a quite, scenic picnic by the lake over a packed, loud, bustling restaurant any time!

How Romantic

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