Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I was in a Car Accident! (Well, kind of anyway)

Monday was a really really long day. I'd been at work since 7.45am and was in the process of moving onto a new project. I'd finished a little section of my new task at around 4.30pm, so I decided to leave then instead of starting a new section when it was so close to home time.

My Car!I'd just left the office and was looking forward to a speedy drive home (in my 1985 190E Mercedes pictured there) since I'd be avoiding the 5.00 peak hour traffic. Still in the heart of fremantle, I was waiting, stopped at the South St/South Tce intersection lights, just outside of the Shell petrol station there. All of a sudden, something hits me hard from behind! The next thing I know, all the stuff on my passenger seat has gone flying onto the floor, and my mirror is wonked completely off it's mount.

Out of instinct, the first thing I do is adjust my mirror so I can see out of my back window. Looking in the rear view mirror I see a white car that is extremely close to the back of my car. So close, in fact, that it was an impossible view unless that car was partially inside of my car, which was pretty much what had happened.

I finally clicked and realised what had happened, so I drove into the petrol station which was conveniently right next to me. When I looked back to make sure that the other car was following me, I saw something that scared me a little - the front of the other car was completely smashed up! I immediately came to the conclusion that if his car was that bad, my car must be completely smashed up as well. Now my car may be old, but I love it and my heart sank at the thought of it being hurt.

After I parked in a space at the petrol station, I got out to meet the other car's driver and make sure they were OK. The driver was a young guy named Matt, probably my age, who was actually quite shaken up! He was a really nice guy, and was asking if I was OK and all, but he was obviously stressing out. He was fully ensured so there was nothing to worry about at all, but I guess he was just a bit shocked after the hit. These things happen, so I guess you just have to shrug it off instead of getting worked up. I wasn't angry at all, so hopefully this helped him feel a bit better. We both seemed fine so it was time to check out the cars...

The BumperI step around to the back of my car to find... that it was... COMPLETELY... FINE!!!?! Seriously.... FINE! Weeelllll... the bumper had some scratches on it, and we need to get it checked out to make sure that none of the panels have moved, but I can't tell you the relief (and surprise!) when I saw my boot perfectly in tact where I expected a wreck! Lucky I wasn't driving my old car (an old Barina) otherwise the outcome may have been quite different (I'd probably be in hospital right now).

Matt's car, on the other hand, was much (much) worse off. You'd think my bumper took out a bat and smashed up his bonnet when it saw his car get too close! The lights were broken, and the bonnet was all curled up and crumpled. But it still drove, so at least the motor still ran. Also, the doors still opened so the panels couldn't have moved back too much. In the end the insurance will take care of it anyway, so it's really just the hassle of waiting for the repairs.

Close up on the ScratchesSo me and Matt checked out our cars some more, and exchanged contact details. He still seemed pretty shaken up, so I offered to go get him a drink, but he said he was OK and was just going to call a friend to pick him up. I felt kinda bad just leaving, but he seemed OK, and was already on the phone to his friend as I pulled out of the petrol station.

So that's my first accident! (If you can call it that).

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Dana said...

Well those Mercedes are indeed tough. I'm glad you're okay though. At least you now know for sure that your car would win in a fight against any Japanese make :P.