Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pure Glow - Summer Juices

I really like how Pure Glow are releasing new juices, it definitely keeps things interesting. I thought I'd get one more in before Christmas and NY, and will probably try to do it again early in the new year because the summer juices are really nice.

Pure Glow Summer

Juice #1: 07 Meta Boost (alkaline water, lemon, activated charcoal, cayenne pepper), 67 kJ
Compares to Sunrise Elixir (lemon, cucumber, aloe vera, filtered water, 133kJ), and Blue Lagoon (alkaline water, cucumber, lemon, blue spirulina, 156 kJ). Although the colour of this juice is jet black which doesn't make it very appetising to look at, this is my favourite version of the first morning drink. It's much less acidic, although there's a bit of grittiness from the charcoal and it made my tongue look like I'd sucked on a pen. I couldn't taste the cayenne pepper at all, but I do like my chili so sometimes I can't taste really subtle amounts at all.

Juice #2: 02 Watermelon Crush (watermelon, cucumber, lime), 455 kJ
This one had no equivalent juice in the previous ranges, but I think it's pretty easy to imagine what it tastes like. Sweet, refreshing and easy to drink, and definitely tastes like summer.

Juice #3: 22 Verde Vibes (cos, kale, pineapple, coriander, lime, cucumber), 536 kJ
A familiar green juice, similar to  Green Guru (kale, cos, cucumber, celery, green apple, mint, lemon, 456kJ) and The Modern Muse (kale, cos, green apple, cucumber, lemon, celery,  692 kJ). At this point I was hoping for something a bit more chewy, but still found this juice a satisfying savory change to the first two.

Juice #4: 13 Good Karma (carrot, green apple, grapefruit, tumeric, lemon, ginger), 802 kJ
I was really happy to see this juice back on the list, I think it's one of my favourites.  Compares to California Ghost (orange, grapefruit, cucumber, coconut water, 843 kJ).

Juice #5: 47 Green Wine (cos, kale, cucumber, pear, grape, celery, lemon), 648 kJ
Another familiar green juice, sweeter than Verde Vibes but very similar to Green Guru.

Juice #6: A.D.M (alkaline water, cashew, coconut, medjool date, cacao, vanilla, salt, peppermint essential oil), 1474 kJ
I couldn't wait to try this one, the last juice is always my favourite. The name made me laugh because there is no dinner, it's more of an after juice mint, although the energy content was close to a light dinner! Very similar to to Mylk of Foresight (alkaline water, cashew, coconut, calendula, medjool date, vanilla, cinnamon, pure WA lake salt), 854 kJ and Chai Vanilla Dream (almond, cashew, brazil nut, chai rooibos tea, medjool date, vanilla, filtered water), 878.7kJ. I think the addition of peppermint was a nice refreshing change, although I think my favourite last juice is Mylk of Foresight.

Pure Glow Summer

Some comparisons:
  • Total energy intake was somewhere in between the last ranges:
    • Summer Juices: 3982 kJ, 952 calories
    • Spring Juices: 4300 kJ, 1028 calories
    • Original juices: 3400 kJ, 813 calories
  • There was no thick chewy juice like Juice #2, Glowing Greens in the original range, which I again missed
  • There was no juice that I disliked (Sangria Sunset from the Spring Juice range put my tummy a bit off by the third day)

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