Friday, September 9, 2016

Pure Glow - Spring Juices

This is now the 3rd time I've done a Pure Glow cleanse (don't judge me, see my previous disclaimer), and this time their range of juices have changed. I was actually sad to see the old juices go because they were so great, but I've really loved these new juices too. I think the girls at Pure Glow are planning to change the juices seasonally, and I think it's a great way to keep things fresh and interesting.

Pure glow Spring

Juice #1: 97 Blue Lagoon (alkaline water, cucumber, lemon, blue spirulina), 156 kJ
Compares the closest to original Juice #1, Sunrise Elixir (lemon, cucumber, aloe vera, filtered water, 133kJ). I prefer this juice to Sunrise Elixir. It’s less lemony which hurts less on the tongue, and makes the lemon and ginger teas I’ve been having a nicer (warm) change to the juices. I can’t taste the blue spirulina (although I’m not sure what it tastes like) but the colour is just gorgeous.

Juice #2: 63 California Ghost (orange, grapefruit, cucumber, coconut water),  843 kJ
Wow this juice is absolutely delicious. It was very fruity and sweet but not too tart, although I couldn’t taste the coconut in it at all, but maybe that added to the thickness of the juice. It probably compares the closest with original Juice #4, Good Karma (802.7) in that it’s sweet and citrusy.

Juice #3: 08 The Modern Muse (kale, cos, green apple, cucumber, lemon, celery),  692 kJ
Another delicious, sweet juice, and thin probably the most similar to original Juice #3, Green Guru (kale, cos, cucumber, celery, green apple, mint, lemon, 456 kJ).

Juice #4: 23 Antioxi-descent (fennel, cucumber, orange, cos, lemon, aloe), 772 kJ
Similar to The Modern Muse, but with a savoury twist. I actually appreciated the break between the sweet juices. Again probably the most similar to original Juice #3, Green Guru (kale, cos, cucumber, celery, green apple, mint, lemon, 456 kJ).

Juice #5: 25 Sangria Sunset (watermelon, carrot, beetroot, lemon, ginger), 992 kJ
This was very sweet and beetrooty, which I quite liked but it made my mouth and teeth all red! The redness went away after a short time though. My dad makes beetroot juice occasionally and I thought this was much nicer and easier to drink than beetroot on it's own. There isn’t really an equivalent to the original juices, probably Juice #4 Good Karma would be the closest thing. I was also surprised to notice that this was the juice with the highest energy content. I thought that the last juice would have been the highest for sure.

Juice #6: 74 Mylk of Foresight (alkaline water, cashew, coconut, calendula, medjool date, vanilla, cinnamon, pure WA lake salt), 854 kJ
I absolutely love this juice, it tastes like an amazing dessert. It’s very similar in taste to original Juice #6, Chai Vanilla Dream (almond, cashew, brazil nut, chai rooibos tea, medjool date, vanilla, filtered water, 878.7kJ), but I think I prefer the new juice. 

Pure glow Spring

Some comparisons to the original juices: 

  • Total energy intake was 215 calories higher, but I didn't notice any difference in my energy levels
    • Spring Juices: 4300 kJ, 1028 calories
    • Original juices: 3400 kJ, 813 calories
  • There was no thick chewy juice like Juice #2, Glowing Greens which I missed. 
  • The servings per package were all marked as 2 which I thought was strange since the intention is to drink the whole juice in 1 sitting.
  • The stickers on the bottles come off a lot easier, which is good because I reuse the bottles for storing things like pepitas, sultanas, etc.
Pure glow Spring

I found 3 days of just juices a bit harder this time, probably because it's winter and I also had a lot of exercise and long days at work on my schedule. Still it's something that I really enjoy doing, and I've already bought another voucher when Pure Glow were having a bit of a sale to use towards the end of the year when the juices get updated. 

Thanks Pure Glow!

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