Sunday, July 5, 2015

Helicopter Flight and Alpine at Metros Freo

Thanks heaps to Andrew's parents for the awesome helicopter ride! It was our Christmas present and we finally got around to booking our scenic flight around Perth and Fremantle.

The ride was so unexpectedly smooth. We barely felt the takeoff and landing, and we were quite lucky to have very mild wind conditions.

We got to see Adventure World, the Maritime Museum and the Ovens submarine, Herdsman lake, Scarborough beach to Fremantle, and beautiful views of Perth.

Half way through the ride we got some rain, but I think that made it better since we got to experience the ride in two different ways.

Alpine were amazing as always. The new album, Yuck, is really different from A is for Alpine, and I loved seeing it live.

Unfortunately the lead guitarist seemed to be having a bit of a pout at Metros' sound guy. He kept changing guitars and signaling to the sound guy who seemed to have no idea what the guitarist wanted (it sounded fine to us, so maybe his feedback was broken). His pout was intensified by the happiness of the rest of the band, who seemed oblivious to his devastation. Hopefully he got some good feedback after the show to make up for the lack of it during!

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