Thursday, March 26, 2015

Festivals and Events Galore

Tati's Race Day
Last year for Tati's birthday in August I bought him a ride in a V8 car at Barbagallo raceway. When I went to book, the first available date was in February, a bit of a belated birthday present but I think it was worth the wait!

After consulting with my mum, I went for the passenger experience  rather than the driving experience. My mum actually made me promise I wouldn't let Tati drive a V8 car! She's convinced we're going to all kill ourselves with these "extremely dangerous activities".

Tati had a great time, and so did Mina and mum. It didn't look that fast from where we were sitting, but Tat said that there was a few turns where he was actually getting worried the driver wouldn't brake in time.

I'm glad he enjoyed it! He said it's the fastest he's ever gone in a car, which actually surprised me given his style of driving.

Air Yoga with Pole Fever Girls
Loved it! The studio was beautiful and very well run. It was actually much harder than I expected, especially on the hip flexors (although my hip flexors are shockingly tight). It won't fill the pole void and at $30 a class I probably wouldn't make a habit of it, but we're planning to get another group together and try the studio's handstand class.

The Ovens and the NAB Cup
Andrew and I took a day off to go to Freo and watch the NAB cup. We easily managed to fill our day with other Fremantle Fun including seeing the Maritime Museum, getting a tour of the Ovens submarine, lunch at Little Creatures and drinks at Who's Your Mumma and the National hotel.

I LOVED the tour of the Ovens! We were lucky enough to have a submariner, Garry (that actually served on the Ovens when it was still running!) as our tour guide. He knew some of the people we had worked with at Nautronix, and had seen one of the communications systems we had worked on! But apparently they never, ever, used it, and probably never will.

It was just amazing, and I honestly think I would have enjoyed being a submariner (although women weren't allowed until recently, which I think is crazy, even if it's only because small people would fit more comfortably). I really enjoyed the explanations about buoyancy sensitivity, and the myriad of hydrophones.

We got very close up at the game, my god those guys work hard.

The Fremantle Chilli Festival
Two Freo trips in a week! I'm so glad I was here this year, last year I missed it because I was in Kazakhstan. I love a good Fremantle festival, and the chilli festival has really worked out how to be awesome.

We made our usual purchase of Karutz Smallgoods (now called Butch's Smallgoods) sausage, and also scored some pimientos di padron! We cooked them up using Martha Stewart's recipe and honestly they were better than in Spain.

Best thing this year were the "hush puppies", amazing.

Intrude (the South Perth Bunnies)
Does this need explanation? Giant light up bunnies with Perth as the backdrop. What dreams are made of.

We went on Thursday 19th, at which point the bunnies had multiplied to 4.

Sculptures by the Sea
It was the first time I went, and I loved it! It was so overwhelming at how many sculptures there were. It got to the point where I was suspicious that everything in the vicinity was a sculpture. Most things were not, they were just rubbish bins and other non-sculptury things.

This one was my favourite, well the plaque was anyway. I laughed way too hard at this, so I really hope no one got too hurt so that I'm not a jerk.

""The artist and Sculptures by the Sea apologises as, despite gaining expert advice that this work was safe, it has proven not to be the case and we do not wish there to be any further injuries."

Hahahaha. Hahaha

The Never Ending Story at Rooftop Cinemas
After dropping our stuff off at the Rooftop Cinemas we went to the Night Noodle Markets, but that doesn't deserve to be in the title, because it's lying with it's own title. There was like 1 place that actually had noodles! There was a place that sold waffles! Stupid. The worst thing was that each of the 3 sections was cordoned off because they were licensed which really killed the atmosphere. We ended up getting food from the Low Key Chow House stall, which was good, but not noodles.

The Never Ending Story! Yay! I wore my Auryn, no one noticed, but they also probably didn't cry during the Artex scene like I did.

It was so much fun, but also extremely cold despite the leg warmers, blanket, and hoodie. Next time I will also bring an electric blanket.

Animal Cardigan Obsession
Lastly, I might be obsessed with animal cardigans.

They just make me happy OK?

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