Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Perth Royal Show 2014

I love the Royal Show! I think I started talking about it at the start of August, and it was everything I every dreamed it would be.

I donned my traditional colourful eyes and nails, and this year topped it off with some bunny stockings and an umbrella skirt. Give me a break, it's my one chance a year to do this shit ok?

This year we got to the show just after 1pm and stayed until after the fireworks. I think this was perfect timing, I'll have to remember it for next year. You want to get there early enough to make sure you see all the things you want to see, but not too early so that you get exhausted and can't make it to the fireworks.


#1 The Zimboys

These guys were our favourite act of the whole show! I saw them a few years back and they were even better this year. They're a group of 3 guys who do tumbling, balancing, and general acrobatic tricks and stunts including back flips while jumping rope, doubles and triples diving through hoops, handstand balancing on chairs, love it! I clapped so hard the whole time.

The whole act is really cute and involves them getting fake angry at each other, which usually results in them fake pushing each other over, and fake kicking each other in the nuts a lot.

#2 Trippy Fireworks with Prism Glasses

I could never watch fireworks without these glasses again. Watching fireworks with these glasses will blow your mind. Andrew, Krystal, Sean, the VDB guys and I lost our shit. We were sitting there screaming and laughing and rocking our heads around like bobble heads (to get rotation on the prisms) and I'm pretty sure everyone thought we were on drugs. But we weren't, and this is better. Get some!

#3 Sideshow Alley

This year we went on the Python Loop, the Bumper Cars, and XXXL. The Python Loop is consistently fun as always, and definitely worth the $10 (all 40 seconds of it, that's only 25c a second!).

I had to be convinced into going on the bumper cars (I had a bad go kart experience that I now associate with all non-car cars) but it was so much fun I will definitely do it again.

XXXL was surprising! I had written it off as a gentle ride, which it was for the first half, but then it ramped up and showed some impressive pull.

It's a bit hard not to be a ride snob after Port Aventura, but it's nice to get swept up in Sideshow Alley anyway.

#4 Loot

Even though you can get this stuff elsewhere, the Royal Show is the one time we treat ourselves to Morish Nuts, Karutz sausages, and this year some Tiger Snake Whiskey (which earned us free tasting at the Albany Distillery stall, yay!). 

#5 Everything Else

Bunnies (children just don't appreciate the bunnies like I do):

Diving pigs (since 1993!):

Little pigs (poor mum):

Fancy pigeons (AND utility):

Pigeons who look like clickers (I don't want to see a bloater pigeon):

Balls-on-their-face pigeons (my favourite pigeon, here's the yearly video):

Dalmatians (Andrew's favourites):

Sheep dogs (who were being handled by Louis CK's look alike):

Multi-Dimensional Universes (flower smell is a dimension HAHAHA):

Why would anyone miss all this?!

P.S. Here's links to some of the other Perth Royal Shows:

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