Monday, July 14, 2014

Quick Recipe for a Sushi Costume

My mum and I made this costume for a Japanese themed party we went to. When I say my mum and I, I mean my mum mostly did it and I helped hold the scissors.

  • Salmon: Section of orange felt material
  • Rice: White electrical tape
  • Rice: White dress (or top and pants)
  • Rice: White stockings
  • Nori: Green (or black) belt (or scarf)
  • Wasabi: A green streamer roll
  • Fold the orange material up into a rectangle that fits comfortably on your back. I originally intended to use an orange pillow but found it was too big and heavy to wear
  • Use the white electrical tape to draw V shapes to represent the fat in the salmon. We cut the tape in half lengthways because it was quite thick to start with
  • Before you wrap yourself up with the scarf, slip a lacky band through the scarf that can be used to attach the green streamer
  • Get a partner to sushi roll you!

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