Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sacrilege at Perth Festival

A massive bouncy castle in the form of Stonehenge, how much fun!

Emma, Joey, Andrew and I decided to go on the last day of Sacrilege which was here for the Perth Festival at the Supreme Court Gardens.  It closed at 7pm so we decided to go at around 5pm - we figured that would be enough bouncing and then we could go grab dinner and a drink afterwards.

Turns out there were timed sessions of 10 minutes which… THANK GOD for because we were all about to die when the whistle for our session blew.

Andrew and Emma went barefoot, Joey wore socks, and I took things a little bit too seriously with my Nike studio wrap shoes.

We definitely didn't pace ourselves! Because the bouncy castle wasn't super bouncy (and there were no flips allowed, but I did manage to sneak in a handstand) the funnest thing was running, which felt like you were running super fast in space. I think it was the final lap around the outside that killed me the most!

I can't believe how tired we were after 10 minutes! How embarrassing. Also, we have a 2 hour session booked at BOUCEinc at the end of March, probably should have gone for the 1 hour session, whoops. After 5 classes this morning (3 fitness, 2 pole) I am feeling pretty sorry for myself this morning, but totally worth it!

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