Saturday, November 9, 2013

Misadventures with Rocky Road

Amy and I had a great idea today - why hasn't anyone tried to make Christmas trees out of rocky road? It's crazy that no one has thought of this before, it's so obvious! We are geniuses.

We got straight in the car and went to the shops and bought enough lollies to make the nice young man at the checkout say "wow that's a lot of lollies" very suspiciously - I don't think he believed us when we said we were going to make rocky road. If there was a diabetes police he would have called them. After telling him not to judge us we were on our way home for our rocky road (mis)adventure.

Amy's first crazy idea was that we could just spoon it on top of itself and it would make a cone shape, but we decided that probably wouldn't work and it would probably just fall over straight away. My crazy idea was that we could pour it into cones made out of cardboard lined with baking paper, but that was way too fiddly.

Our flash of genius was to line some kind-of-conical wine glasses with glad wrap and fill those with the rocky road. I'll let you decide if we succeeded or not.

In the wine glasses

Amy is concerned

Amy's Attempt

My Attempt

I felt like I was 5 years old decorating some weird plaster space ship. I think Amy's looks like something you'd see in a sex shop and wonder in which orifice it belongs. I imagined what Mina would think if she saw what we'd made and decided she'd be ashamed of us.

On the plus side, if we ever need to make rocky road space ships we have perfected the technique!

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